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3 SEO Reasons to Choose BlogPro for Your Notion-Based Blog

HongbeomMar 31, 2024Productivity
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Recently, there's been a surge in people wanting to run their blogs on Notion. However, from an SEO perspective, there are quite a few questionable aspects. First off, Notion doesn't allow you to properly set meta information. It's impossible to input tags, descriptions, etc., for each page. Sitemaps aren't supported either, making it difficult for search engines to grasp the site structure.

As a result, pure Notion-based blogs often have poor SEO performance. No matter how great your posts are, it's tough to rank high in search results. In the long run, this can be a major obstacle to your blog's growth. Sure, Notion's convenient writing experience is appealing, but unfortunately, that alone isn't enough for successful blogging.

BlogPro solves all the essential SEO elements that are missing in Notion, such as meta tag management, automatic sitemap generation, and dynamic OG image creation. It's a smart blogging solution that retains Notion's strengths while addressing its weaknesses. Let me share in more detail with some images below.

1) URL structure that's readable and SEO-friendly

BlogPro's Pretty URL feature transforms Notion's long URLs into concise and easy-to-read formats. It uses automatically generated slugs based on the Notion page titles in the URL, making it easy to infer the post's content just by looking at the address.



You can easily create pretty URLs with a simple interface ⬇️

2) Dynamically updated sitemap in real-time

BlogPro's dynamic sitemap generation feature updates the sitemap in real-time whenever you publish a new post or modify an existing one. This allows search engines to accurately grasp your blog's latest structure and content. Your blog's visibility and search rankings can improve without any extra effort on your part.

Example:, ⬇️

Normally, you'd have to manually create a sitemap and submit it to search engines, but BlogPro automatically generates a sitemap in the XML format preferred by Google and Bing. It even includes metadata such as URLs, last modified dates, update frequencies, and relative importance, helping crawlers better understand your site.

3) Dynamic OG images that boost click-through rates

BlogPro automatically creates eye-catching OG images by combining text containing the post's title and key keywords with relevant images and brand logos. This greatly increases the visibility and click-through rate of your posts in social media feeds.


Producing OG images every time isn't an easy task. Unless you're a professional designer, it can take a long time, and the results may not be satisfactory. For this reason, many bloggers often give up on creating OG images. But with BlogPro, you can neatly solve this problem.

BlogPro: Notion's convenience plus SEO effectiveness

This is how BlogPro addresses the lacking SEO functions in Notion. Thanks to this, our xbase team can enjoy Notion's convenient writing experience while simultaneously optimizing for search engines. We can leave the complex technology to BlogPro and focus solely on content creation. In fact, it's been a month since we made the xbase blog with BlogPro, and our organic traffic has increased significantly!

With BlogPro, you can focus solely on content creation without worrying about SEO. Transform your content in Notion into a blog that people can easily find and read with BlogPro now.