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Best blogging platform for small businesses—BlogPro

HongbeomFeb 25, 2024Productivity
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Why Small Busineesses Need faster Blogging Platforms

Traditional blogging is slow. You write in apps like Obsidian or Notion, then copy and paste your content from Notion to platforms like Ghost. But, the format often breaks, so you check and fix it. If you update, you do it twice. This doubles your blogging time!

We started BlogPro to fix this.

How BlogPro makes blogging dead simple

1. Effortless Setup: Almost Zero Configuration

Starting a blog using BlogPro takes just three steps.

  1. Create a DB on Notion
  1. Log into BlogPro
  1. Connect your Notion DB

Boom. The platform takes care of the rest, converting your page into a fully functional blog in seconds. This simplicity lets even those who are not tech savvy become bloggers, making it a perfect fit for non technical-founders.

2. Easy to use Notion Editor

Notion editing experience is 100x times better than Wordpress, it has better collaboration, more features, Notion AI. And the gap between them is only going to get wider.

3. Speed: Lightning Fast Blogging Experience

Remember the extra work you had to do with traditional blogging platforms? Not with BlogPro. Once you connect your Notion to BlogPro, we automatically sync your Notion posts to BlogPro. You don’t need to do anything extra. It’s all automated.

4. Built-in SEO features

BlogPro generates dynamic sitemaps for your blog, ensuring that search engines can easily crawl and index all your pages. These sitemaps are automatically updated whenever you publish new content or make changes to existing posts, keeping search engines informed about the structure and content of your blog. This helps improve your blog's visibility and search engine rankings.

And 99% of It Is Free!

Why so affordable? We're a startup too and know how expensive blogging can get. We once used a platform that cost us $99/month just for subdirectory hosting. It was breaking our bank!

So we came up with a more reasonable pricing. Subdirectory hosting on Ghost costs you $100/mo. On BlogPro? It’s provided for free. Custom domains? Free. Text search? Also free!

What's not free? Want extra SEO analytics? That's extra, but only because it costs us to provide. Everything else, like custom domains and hosting, is on us because they don't cost us much.

Use Cases: Using Notion with Blogpro

BlogPro is most useful if you operate most of your business using Notion. That means you can launch your website using Notion, blog with Notion, manage projects with Notion and etcs.

  • Agency Blogging: Startups use Notion to keep track of helpful advice and ideas they find online. This helps them learn and come up with new content for their blogs.
  • Tech Startups : They follow important online discussions to stay ahead. Notion and BlogPro help organize this information, which is great for planning and making new products.
  • Personal brands: They use Notion to gather ideas from what's popular online. Then, they use BlogPro to turn those ideas into blog posts.
  • Marketing: Soon, they’ll be able to share collections of content, making it easier to connect with their audience.

How Does Blogpro Compare to Other Blogging Platforms?

BlogProWordpressGhost FeatherNotaku
Pricing Pay as you grow. 99% FREEFreemiumFreemium$39/moFreemium
Subdirectory hosting✅️ FREE🟧 Hard to set up🟧 Requires $199/mo plan🟧 Requires add-on🟧 Requires $99/mo plan
Custom Domain✅️ Supports subdomains/subdirectories❌ Requires paid plan❌  Requires paid plan❌  Requires paid plan❌  Requires paid plan
Branding Customization✅️ Fully customizable branding feature🟧 Requires $8/mo plan🟧 Requires $25/mo plan🟧 Requires $8/mo plan🟧 Requires $17/mo plan
SEO Analytics✅️ Integrated SEO Analytics❌ Requires third-party plugins ❌ No built-in SEO analytics❌ Requires 3rd party plugin❌ No built-in SEO analytics
Call-to-Action (CTA)✅️ Built-in floating CTA feature❌ Reequires customization✅️  Call-to-Action (CTA)✅️  Call-to-Action (CTA)✅️  Call-to-Action (CTA)
Data Location✅️ on NotionWordpressGhoston Notionon Notion
Notion Editor✅️ ✅️ ✅️
Target audience✅️ Optimized for Startups❌ General use❌ Tailored for Newsletter✅️ Optimized for Startups✅️ Optimized for Startups
SEO Optimization✅️ Automated SEO optimization❌ Requires third-party plugins ✅️ SEO-friendly✅️ SEO-friendly✅️ SEO-friendly

FAQs for Blogpro

Why can’t I just use blogging template from Notion?

If you are building personal websites, we recommend using blogging templates provided by Notion. However, if you want to create BlogPro blog for business purposes, we recommend using a third party hosting services like BlogPro for speed, SEO, and a layout optimized for conversion.

Is My Content Secure with BlogPro?

Absolutely. Your original content lives on your Notion database. What we do is we make your content accessible across the globe, so your customers from the opposite side of the world can open your blog instantly without any waiting!

Can I Migrate My Existing Blog to BlogPro?

Yes, you'll need to copy and paste the content from your existing blog into a Notion page and then connect that page to BlogPro. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us at

Is There a Limit to How Many Posts I Can Publish on BlogPro?

No, Blogpro doesn't set a limit on the number of posts you can publish. Our platform is built to scale with your startup, offering you the freedom to create and share as much content as you desire.

How Can I Organize My Content on BlogPro?

You can organize blog posts just like you do with Notion pages. Use the "Tags" property on the blog page, and we will organize your posts by tags on the blog.

Is Blogpro Limited to Certain Web Browsers or Devices?

Blogpro is designed to be universally accessible, supporting all major web browsers and devices. This ensures that you can manage your blog anytime, anywhere, without restrictions.

What Future Features Can We Expect from Blogpro?

Our roadmap includes advanced analytics, more customizable design options, and deeper Notion integration. Stay tuned to our updates for new tools to make your blogging experience even better.

How Does BlogPro Ensure My Blog Performs Well in Search Engines?

Our built-in SEO tools helps you optimize each post for search engines. From keyword analysis to meta tags, Blogpro improves your blog's visibility and attracts more organic traffic. Additionally, we have an SEO expert on our team with experience consulting for law firms and various companies on their SEO strategies.

What happens when I don’t set cover images for my posts on Notion?

BlogPro creates dynamic OG (Open Graph) images for each of your blog posts. These images are optimized for social media sharing and appear when your posts are shared on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By using eye-catching and relevant OG images, Blogpro helps increase the visibility and engagement of your blog posts when they are shared on social media, driving more traffic to your blog.